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5 in 1 Steepletone SMC922 Boston Music System

The 5 in 1 Steepletone SMC922 Boston Music System lets you enjoy the best of both worlds of music listening – the old and the new. If there are times that you want to be completely nostalgic and play your old tunes on vinyl and, sometimes, would also want to listen to the melodies running crisp and clear on CDs, you’ll love this retro music center.

This product is equipped with a turntable, a cassette player, and twin CD deck. The turntable is a semi-automatic 3-speed type with auto-stop switch. The cassette player has a lockable fast-forward function, while the twin CD decks are composed of a player and a player/burner. It also has an MW-FM stereo analog radio and a remote control function.

While you can play your favorite vinyl record, cassette tape, or CD individually, this Boston Music System also records from vinyl, aux, CD and cassette to CD. You can convert your old vinyl collection to CD or use the CD recorder (burner) and transfer your music onto CD from a cassette tape or another compact disc – everything in just a press of the Record button. In addition, it can even accommodate external audio equipment like MP3 players so you can record their contents onto CDs also by using its one-touch CD burner. You wouldn’t need any computer, second gadget, or any extra step to facilitate the recording.

Steepletone is a UK-based company that started in the 1970’s and has been known to produce top-rated audio equipment, including this retro music player. Available in black or silver finish, the 5 in 1 Music System does satisfy the needs and passion of every music lover.