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Steepletone Lancaster 5-IN-1 Music Centre

The Steepletone Lancaster 5-IN-1 Music Centre is a perfect harmony of nostalgia and technology. With this equipment, you can take out your old vinyl records and cassette tapes from the boxes in the attic and play those old tunes again just the way they should be played. Not only that, it also allows you to transfer records, tapes, radio programs onto CD with the Lancaster’s CD burning function.

Housed elegantly in dark wood that gives it the perfect vintage look, this Nostalgia Music Centre features an excellent 33/45/78 rpm semi-automatic turntable under a hinged lid. This record player comes with a 45rpm spindle adaptor. Cassette tapes can be run in the player on its side panel. You can even listen to the radio with its analog MW-FM radio with an LED-lit dial scale.

Most importantly, it also has not just one, but two CD decks – a player and a player/recorder/burner, which encodes and records audio from your precious vintage vinyl collection and cassette tapes. It can capture radio programs that you want to keep listening to. If you want to copy other CDs, you can do so, too.

It does look nostalgic, but it also keeps up with today’s technology. You can also use this Steepletone Lancaster to transfer all these music to your PC for storage or for transferring to your MP3 player. For the CD recording function, the job is also made easier for you with its magnetic remote control.

Steepletone has been in the business for decades, because they provide only high-quality equipment for the discriminating music fans. And this Lancaster Music Centre is just one of them.