Steepletone ST9008B 1980's Style Portable Battery Operated 3 Speed Record Player (Black) - Home HiFi Music Systems

Steepletone ST9008B 1980’s Style Portable Battery Operated 3 Speed Record Player (Black)

The Steepletone ST9008B 1980’s style portable battery operated 3 speed record player (Black) is quite a catch for music collectors, for those who crave the memories of great music some decades back, and even for those who simply love good music. If you’ve got those precious vinyl records stashed at the back of your house, by all means, you can bring them out and spin them once more in this record player.

This stand-alone stereo 3-speed record player is equipped with an auto-stop selector switch. You can play all sorts of vinyl records since it’s built with the traditional record player speeds – 33/45/78rpm. When you purchase this Steepletone equipment, you don’t need to worry about getting a spindle adaptor, as it’s already supplied with one.

This record player will look good in any home as it’s very compact. You don’t need to prepare a big space for it. Even in a modest-size apartment, this player wouldn’t only produce great sounds, but can also grace the looks of your home as a conversation piece.

But you can also bring it along with you as it’s battery-operated. It conveniently runs on 8 x 1.5V or C-size batteries. But it can also be used with its 12V DC input socket for AC/DC mains 240V operation.

If you’re looking for a record player to bring back the good ol’ times of listening to vinyl records, you can count on this audio equipment from Steepletone, who’s been in the industry of making quality music players since over 35 years ago.