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Steepletone iTOWER Sound System with iPod/iPhone Dock

Some would agree that while listening to music is always soothing to the soul, it’s somewhat annoying to have to listen to it through earphones or a headset. Fortunately, docks for iPods and iPhones are now available in the market; thus, you can easily listen to the songs on your playlist the conventional way. The only catch is with so many options available, choosing the best one seems like a daunting task.

However, there is one highly recommended brand, which is the Steepletone iTOWER Sound System with iPod/iPhone Dock.

Sized considerably, this sound system makes everything – turning your iPod or iPhone on and off, skipping music forward and backward, adjusting the volume, and stopping or playing music – so much easier with its push-button controls. What’s more, you get a nifty remote controller, making your listening experience so much more convenient and pleasurable.

Do you have audio and video files in your gadget that you want to play on your TV or personal computer? You can do that effortlessly with the Steepletone iTOWER, as it has a USB port and card slots for SD/MMC/MS cards that you can connect to your TV, PC, and even your MP3 player.

Another great feature of this sound system is its superb audio output that you can credit to the built-in amplifier, two 20W RMS stereo speakers, and 25W subwoofer. All these work together to deliver excellent audio quality. If you get tired of listening to your downloaded songs, you can keep track of the latest songs played on the airwaves with its FM auto scan radio.

This awesome sound system with iPod and iPhone doc is available in black and white color options. Hence, you had better get yourself one if you want to enjoy a unique listening experience.