Leading UK Jukebox Distributor Expands Product Range to Include Exciting New Models - Home HiFi Music Systems

Leading UK Jukebox Distributor Expands Product Range to Include Exciting New Models

Vintage lovers are treated to more choice than ever with the introduction of five fabulous new models to the extensive Home HiFi Music Systems range.

The company is renowned as the UK’s leading distributor of Steepletone jukeboxes, record players and other unique products that transport listeners right back in time to the good ol’ days!

For a wonderfully retro music player with all the latest technological gadgets look no further than the new Steepletone Touch Rock 50 Two Retro Jukebox. The floor-standing model boasts an array of high spec features including an iPod and iPad dock, DVD/CD Player with touch control, MP3/MPEG4 playback compatibility, MW-FM radio, Bluetooth playback, mini USB port, SD card slot and audio output for an enhanced listening experience. The model is available in black, light and dark wood veneers with a customisable colour changing LED lighting system. The bargain price of just £828.75 represents a huge 35% saving for anyone looking for a premium jukebox with all the extra frills. The Steepletone MP3 CD Rock One 12 Encode Floor Standing Jukebox is living proof that old school music boxes can still deliver the wow factor. The high power model features a dock for iPods, iPhones and iPads, 4GB USB/SD reader capability, radio playback, touch sensitive volume control and remote controlled operations. The model doesn’t compromise on aesthetics and is available in black, cherry or light honey coloured wood with colour changing remote controlled SMD tube lighting. This high-power jukebox also lets users convert music from CDs and other electronic devices directly into MP3 format for seamless musical archiving. Priced at just £958.75 the machine is fantastic value for anyone who wants a jukebox that will keep listeners rocking ‘n’ rolling all night long.

It may look like it’s from another era but the Steepletone New Encode CD Rock Zero 50 TWO Retro Jukebox exceeds expectations when it comes to audio quality and superior performance. The music player is capable of playing a range of different file and format types including CDs, CDRs, CDRWs and MP3s. The audio library can be further expanded by using the USB port and controlled remotely with a handheld device. The seven colour changing LED Tube lights and light oak wood build make it a truly spectacular model on the inside and out.

For those who want a stylish, compact and high quality audio player the Steepletone CD Classic Rock Zero 25 is a nostalgic yet technologically advanced jukebox that features CD playback, MW-FM radio, glossy black or dark cherry build and seven colour changing LED tube lights. The model is perfect addition to any well stocked games room or home music studio.

For an even bigger blast from the past the New Steepletone SMC922 BT 5-in-1 Nostalgic Retro Music System offers an authentic dose of vinyl charm with all the latest high spec features. The new model allows users to record old favourites from records, tapes and CDs at the touch of a button as well instantaneously save old vinyl and cassette music into digital format. External audio devices such as 8-track recorders, reel-to-reel players and MP3s can be connected via the aux input with other advanced features including a semi-automatic turntable, twin CD decks and MW-FM Stereo analogue radio.

Whether purchases are intended for clubs, pubs, offices or the family home, an audio player from Home HiFi Music Systems is the perfect way to bring a touch of retro cool to any space.

Home HiFi Music Systems are Britain’s leading supplier of Steepletone jukeboxes & CD players, Record Players and Turntables and other quirky products.