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Steepletone ST9008B Portable Record Player 3 Speed 1980’s Style Battery Operated with Mains Adapter

The Steepletone ST9008B Portable Record Player 3-Speed 1980’s Style Battery-Operated with Mains Adapter is probably the best music system if you love 1980s music and want to play them wherever and whenever you like. By playing vinyl records with this baby that is battery operated, you will be able relive the days when the British invaded the music scene with their pop, punk rock and new wave songs. Here is a detailed Steepletone ST9008B Portable Record Player 3 Speed review focusing on its features and functionalities:
Based on another quality Steepletone CD player, the ST918, you can use the portable ST9008B inside the house, outside on your patio or even at the park without having to worry about electric sockets and cables, as it is created to run on C batteries, but it is still equipped with a 12-volt DC input socket for the AC/DC mains 240V operation.

Quite unique from other Steepletone record players, it is a stand-alone stereo 3-speed (33/45/78 RPM) record player that really sports the looks of the 1980s. It comes with 2 built-in speakers that produce good audio quality, which means that you do not need to find and bring separate speakers for it to work. However, you can still play it with your own set of loudspeakers or audio system via its RCA line-out connection. In addition, this is one of the portable record players that you can connect with the T-010 Sub-Woofer via its 3.5-mm subwoofer jack to enhance the overall quality of sound, particularly the bass. You can even plug in your headphones and make it your powerful personal listening station.

When it comes to design, the ST9008B is a compact and elegant music package that can easily fit in your room or any other spaces. With a quirky retro design, this 1980s-style record player is available in an array of colors (aside from its usual classic black edition and silver finish model), which include green, brown and cream. This means that you will have an option for one that will perfectly fit the theme of your room. As for the other components, its cabinet and built-in stereo speakers are finished in 2-tone vinyl, so as its removable classic wooden legs. All in all, this record player from Steepletone got the looks and the sounds music lovers would want.

Steepletone is a reputable company based in the UK that has been making good-quality audio equipment for over three decades now. They are known as one of the leaders in record players and one of the most trusted by audiophiles and record collectors everywhere.

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