New Product Range

steepletone cube connex

Our latest product range at Home HiFi Music Systems has something for everyone. For instance, the Steepletone Openwear is for you. A wearable wireless Bluetooth stereo soundwear speaker that allows you to listen to music by wearing it. You can make hands-free calls easily, by using the built-in microphone. Portable, comfortable, light-weight and ideal for personal listening. This speaker is ideal for on the go. Put them on and you need never take them off.

If you enjoy listening to music and you’re looking for a cool party feature, the Steepletone Cube connex is for you. These Bluetooth speakers has a cool multi-mode colour changing lights and sound-to-light effect. In addition you can add unlimited cubs and control music via Bluetooth playback. The Cube connex comes in size 20 or 30 and are ideal for pool parties since they are waterproof too.

Steepletone Cube Connex 20
Limited Edition Floor Standing Jukebox

And finally, if you enjoy Vinyl records, the Steepletone CD Record Rock retro jukebox is for you. This limited edition jukebox can play vinyl, CD, MP3, radio or USB. Futhermore you can record or copy music to CD, USB, MP3 and SD. Additional features include LED colour-changing tube lighting, which you can control via remote, with a release/hold switch. And built-in stereo speakers and tweeters, with external speaker jacks with an internal and external switch.

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