The Top 5 Halloween Songs Of All Time

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With Autumn upon us, it means that we turn our attention to one thing – Halloween. It is a scary, yet magical time of year that children and adults love in equal measures but for different reasons. Children love to go out Trick or Treating while adults love nothing more than arranging a Halloween themed party where they get to put on their creepy costumes and immerse themselves in the moment. Of course, Halloween is all about selecting the right songs, especially if you are arranging a party because they really do heighten the emotions and fear.

Halloween songs sound better on vinyl records

The right music sets the tone and it gives an eerie, spooky atmosphere that puts everyone in the right mood. While many of the Halloween songs that we have come to love were created decades ago, it means that often, when they are played on vinyl record players, it can add to the dramatic effect. The crackling of the record as it plays and the natural, realistic feeling to the sound will give your party that extra element of fear and terror!

So, when the time comes for you to seek out those Halloween vinyl records, make sure you have the following in your collection.

The Monster Mash

This track has certainly stood the test of time and is often considered one of the best. Bobby “Boris” Picket captures the fear and horror with his spooky tones and the way in which it builds the atmosphere. This was recorded in 1962 and is one of those Halloween songs that would just sound better played on vinyl record players.


Everyone has heard Thriller. It is the ultimate pop-Halloween song that has kept Halloween party-goers trying to master the dance routine for the past 36 years, thanks to Michael Jackson. When the song is played, it conjures up images of the video and it is certainly a song that lifts the spirits in more ways than one on Halloween.

Ghostbusters Theme

What is a Halloween party without the “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” playing in the background? This classic Halloween track, with its manic, panic-like tones sound perfect when played on a vinyl record player and undoubtedly sets the tone for an evening filled with games, tricks and treats. So, who you gonna call?

Somebody’s Watching Me

Everyone feels like they are being watched, particularly when it is Halloween and “Somebody’s Watching Me” comes on. This is played on music centres around the country and is one of those Halloween classics that captures the imagination from the moment the intro begins. No Halloween party should be without this spooky number.

Tubular Bells

This could be considered to be one of the eeriest and frightening Halloween songs out there. There is just something about the track that sends shivers down the spine. It builds tension and can spread fear and dread amongst all on Halloween. This is a song that really makes an impact in every way possible.

Halloween Music Plays its Part

Halloween is a time to enjoy the excitement and the thrill that surrounds this strange and creepy day. Whether you are apple bobbing, playing tricks or trying to put your guests on edge, all of these Halloween songs need to be in your vinyl record collection because Halloween is not Halloween without them.

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