Organise Your Vinyl Record Collection During Lockdown

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In these difficult and trying times, a number of workers have already been furloughed. HMRC report a greater uptake of their scheme then first imagined, with 50% of companies furloughing workers compared to 10% HMRC predicted. Many of us are also either in lockdown, self-isolating and not sure what to do with our time. So why not think about organising your record collection. This a great way to keep busy and entertained.
Steepletone SMC386 BT PRO 5 - in - 1 Music System with Bluetooth (Black)
For example you can listen to your old vinyl records and your old tape collection as you record and copy them to a more modern method of technology such as USB, SD and CD with our Steepletone SMC386 Music System.
Steepletone Atlantic PRO Modular 6 - in - 1 Music System 3-speed Turntable DAB+/PLL FM Radio Cassette & CD (Black Silver Front)
Likewise you can also copy your old tape and vinyl collection with the Steepeletone Atlantic music system, which allows you to also separate out tracks, when copying and recording to USB, MP3, SD and CD. This is  great activity to enjoy with younger children too, who are unlikely to have experienced recording music via radio to tape for example. Or perhaps even to have listened to vinyl records at all.
Steepletone Freedom Play
And once you’ve copied your music collection you and your old collection throughout the house with our Steepletone Freedom Speakers, which come with 4 speakers to play music via bluetooth, with a range of up to 35 metres.

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