Record CD-to-CD with the Steepletone CAPITOL

Steepletone Capitol

The Steepletone CAPITOL, is a brand new music system we’ve introduced to our site this month. An ideal music system for those short on space, but with an extensive music collection in a variety of formats. You can listen to your favourite music on the Steepletone CAPITOL music system in 6 different ways, including vinyl, CD, cassette, USB, MP3 and Aux.

The Steepletone CAPITOL also boasts a twin CD deck to allow you to transfer your favourite songs to CD, which is ideal for modern cars no longer using cassettes to play music. In addition those currently furloughed can take the time to organise their music collection by transferring vinyl to CD for future use too.

So why not transfer your catalogue including cassettes or vinyls to CD using the Steepletone CAPITOL. You can also record your favourite tracks with the X-Bass button for enhanced bass sound and track separation technology.


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