What Will Music Look Like In 2021?


Socially Distanced Concerts

Music venues will continue to adapt to the ever changing world, with more socially distanced outdoor concerts or pop up concerts similar to 2020; with individual platformed areas socially distanced for groups or attendees parking 2 metres apart. Food and drink will be ordered via an app for delivery, with one line in and out for facilities. Musicals and films could also become more popular, especially during summer outdoor screenings.

Livestreaming Will Be The New Norm For Concerts

Socially distanced concerts were popular in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, entertainers provided socially distanced concerts intimately at home. In 2021 livestream concerts are set to become more popular since touring is still not an option. Livestream concerts will become more ambitious either pre-recorded or live with special guests, effects and sets. Livestream concerts could be here to stay since in theory attendance would be higher, since the capacity online is greater than in a concert venue, therefore the payday will be greater since you can stream globally to millions or billions potentially rather than a few hundred people.

Vinyl Sales Will Continue To Grow

Vinyl record collectionThe development of HD vinyl, which uses a laser to cut a ceramic disc, could make the entire vinyl creation process faster and cheaper as well. HD vinyl records will still be compatible with older record players but the benefits of no stamper wear and optimizing playing time will outweigh current vinyls. In addition to better audio quality, HD vinyls will become popular with the younger generation in particular since they avoid toxic chemicals during production too, making them more environmentally friendly.

Focus on Personalisation

The trend on personalising music will continue in 2021, rather than just being confined to personalised playlists or algorithm tracked playlists, physical music will continue with its resurgence, such as; mixtapes becoming even more popular amongst millennials who prefer personalisation and collecting. Most modern music players allow users to mixtapes by recording from modern formats such as Bluetooth, USB and SD card, plus old school methods such as radio, CD and vinyl.

Music Players To Suit All Needs

Steepletone Roxy 4 USB/CD Encode MP3 / FM Radio Record Player (Black)Steepletone CapitolHome HiFi Music Systems stock a wide range of music players to suit all needs and tastes. From retro looking vinyl record players such as the Steepletone Roxy 4 which can also play modern music such as Bluetooth and MP3 playback and allows you to record from vinyl to USB or SD card. Or more contemporary music players such as the Steepletone Capitol; you can mix tapes and CDs from vinyl, USB, Bluetooth and more. But if you aren’t sure which music player is right for you, just get in contact and our friendly team will provide advice to suit your needs.

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