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This year the UK will look forward to celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee taking place from June 2nd-5th. With the last couple of years curtailed due to lockdown restrictions, the promise of a four-day UK bank holiday weekend will be something the nation, your family, friends and neighbours can come together to celebrate.

What is the Platinum Jubilee?

The Platinum Jubilee is a celebration of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne and is the first time a British monarch has celebrated 70 years on the throne. As with previous Jubilee celebrations, the first weekend of June has been chosen as the date to hold celebrations. Taking place from the 2nd-5th June 2022, with the hope of warm weather and lots of room for celebrations.

So what events are taking place and how can you celebrate?

The Queen’s birthday parade – June 2nd

You could host a family BBQ or street party to celebrate the Platinium Jubliee, with Jubliee themed decorations, food and music. Why not purchase our mini Steepletone Jukebox Jive Rock Sixty to provide music all day long for your party. Its retro 60s style design will help set the tone for the jubilee. It’s easy to use and compact too, so you can move it from indoors to outdoors. Or from table to garden wall. Play CDs, radio, MP4 or stream music via Bluetooth.

Platinum Party at the Palace – hosted live by the BBC – June 4thsteepletone brighton duck egg blue

Why not listen to the Platinium party at the Palace with a retro-style 1950s radio to add a touch of nostalgia to your celebrations. The Steepletone Brighton comes in a variety of beautiful colours, with Mw–Lw–Fm radio, a strong carry handle for easy transportation and retro rotary dials.Steepletone Freedom Play

And if you’re looking to stream music for your street party over the bank holiday weekend, why not consider the Steepletone Freedom wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy listening to music throughout the street, or in your garden and home, simply synch the set of 4 wireless speakers, with a range of 35 metres to enjoy a fantastic knees up bank holiday weekend.

Record-breaking picnic hosted at Windsor Castle – June 5th

Steepletone Britannia Music PlayerWhy not host a jubilee picnic of your own at home? You could create a retro mixtape or CD with our regal Steepeletone Britannia music system, with twin cassette decks and record music through the last 70 years for a fantastic Jubliee picnic. Record music from a variety of formats from the last 70 years including vinyl, CD, cassette, radio and USB with our music system.

And to make your picnic extra special why not stream music day and night with our Steepletone Cube Connex Bluetooth speakers, with a range of 35 metres and multi-mode colour-changing chasing LED sound-to-light effects. You can stack all 3 together to get a fantastic night time light show for your jubilee event or party; or purchase more to add to the effect. These speakers are waterproof too, with hours of wireless play too – perfect for outdoor events and parties.

The Platinum Jubilee Pagent – June 5th

Steepletone CapitolFor the Platinium jubilee pageant which will include; parades, carnivals and theatres, why not host a fancy dress parade or carnival or your own, with family members dressing up as royal family look-a-likes. You could also; play pin the tail on the corgi, or mimick a big brass band parade with a family musical event. The Steepletone CAPITOL is the perfect music system for all your entertainment needs over the bank holiday weekend. Play 6 different musical formats all night long with the one system, such as; CDs, cassettes, vinyl, radio, Aux, SD and USB – the whole family will be able to play their preferred musical format.

Steepletone Roxy 4 USB/CD Encode MP3 / FM Radio Record PlayerAnd finally, our Steepletone Roxy 4 Record Players can provide a 50s/60s style retro look to add to your themed event; providing you with music for your fancy dress event, parade, carnival or party. Listen to vinyl music, celebrate and get merry over the bank holiday!

Home HiFi Music Systems

So if you need assistance with the right musical entertainment for your jubilee event contact us today. Or visit our Jubliee Entertainment page to browse the range of recommended products to celebrate the jubilee.

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