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Steepletone Sound Boxes with Laser Lights

Steepletone SFB24002 Floor Box 3 Speaker Sound System with LED Laser Lights
In the 50’s, we had the jukebox. The 80’s, it was the Sony Walkman followed shortly after by the Discman. Finally, the iPod in the 2000’s. The face of technology has come a long way in the music industry. Home HiFi Music Systems is proud to present the next step in music and entertainment technology, Steepletone Sound Boxes with Laser Lights!


Steepletone is a British company with over 35 years of experience in making high-quality audio equipment and known the world over for providing their customers with reliable products that produce some of the best sound possible. Their floor box LED Laser Light 2 Speaker Sound System is no different. It takes your listening pleasure to the next level and beyond and can provide enough sound and power for any size home or party.

Nothing else comes close to this powerful musical wonder! Complete with 2 10” speakers and 2 1” tweeters. The Steepletone Sound Box with Laser Lights are comparable to much larger sound systems at less than half the price. Simply plug your MP3 player into the USB port and you are on your way to intense sound and incomparable playback. You can even use the Steepletone Sound Boxes with Laser Lights via Bluetooth connectivity and listen to your music from anywhere in the house!

When you want concert-quality sound that makes you feel like you are part of the action, there’s only one sound box to buy. The Steepletone Sound Box with Laser Lights. Get yours today at Home HiFi Music Systems and experience music that way it was meant to sound.