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Steepletone SRB100-SRB2 COMBO Large Storage & Carry Case with Smaller LP Case Inside (Retro)Steepletone Vinyl Record / CD Storage Cases

We’ve all seen it; you stop by at your mate’s flat and he has a beautiful collection of vinyl records just stacked up on an old bookshelf with a dying plant and a picture of their mum atop them. Is that any way to store albums from the greats of rock and roll? Home HiFi Music Systems doesn’t think so and neither should you.

Your collection of vintage albums, whether they are rock, blues, jazz or some other form of music composed to touch your soul and inspire your day, deserves much better than an old shelf or a dairy crate that you found behind your favourite pub. They deserve a fortress or something that closely resembles it as these albums are considered by many to be the soundtracks of our life. Why wouldn’t we protect them?


Home HiFi Music Systems

Home HiFi Music Systems offers a wide range of Vinyl Record / CD Storage Cases from the famous British company, Steepletone. As you may well know, Steepletone has been creating high quality, innovative products for the music lover for over 35 years and the series of vinyl record and CD storage cases are no different.

Take the Steepletone SRB 2 12 Inch LP Vinyl Retro Style Record Storage Carry Case. And the Steepletone SRB07SGL 7 Inch Vinyl Singles Retro Style Storage Carry Case. They both hold a good sized collection of 7 and 12-inch vinyl records and they can even house some of your favourite CD’s. All in a sturdy, well-designed housing that is virtually impenetrable by whatever you have around the home. Both cases offer security, protection and the classic good looks of vintage instrument or sound equipment case and they are both very affordable for the avid music collector.

Now let’s say that you want to house both 7 and 12-inch albums as well as your collection of CD’s, you’ll want the durability and size of the Steepletone SRB3M. This beauty will hold your music collection, keeping it safe from harm and giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your records are protected from being damaged, dust and the occasional visit from your young nephew.

Why not show your vinyl record collection the respect it deserves, buy a Steepletone storage case today and sleep soundly tonight knowing they are locked up tight.