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steepletone cube connex


Finding the right speakers can be a challenge. At Home HiFi Music Systems we stock a wide range of Steepletone speakers for all occasions. For instance, the Steepletone Cube 20 operates via Bluetooth playback and is ideal for parties, with their colour chasing lights and sound-to-light effect. They're also waterproof which makes them ideal for pool parties. Finally, you can also add an unlimited number of cubes for greater effect.

If you're looking for a powerful speaker the Steepletone SFB34002 will suit you. This floor standing speaker has a powerful built-in stereo speaker of 4000W p. m. p. o. and 80W power output. Nothing on the market compares.

And if you're interested in the latest technology the Steepletone Openwear speakers are for you. A wearable personal stereo speaker, you can even use for hands-free calling via Bluetooth.

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