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Steepletone T – 012 2. 1 Multi – Media Active Sub – Woofer and Satellite Speakers

Steepletone Record Player Accessories

How do you know when your record player needs maintenance? When your vintage Hendrix albums begin to sound like The Spice Girls! Taking proper care of your record player is important. And it's just as important as taking care of your precious vinyl records. A worn or damaged needle can create scratches to the grooves making your music all but unrecognizable. Home HiFi Music Systems is the UK’s number one retailer of speciality record players. Did you know that we also carry some of the best record player accessories on the market? It's true; in fact, Home HiFi Music Systems carries the full line of Steepletone record player accessories designed to help you get the most out of your record player and collectable vinyl records.

Styluses & Cleaning Kits

From their Steepletone replacement stylus’ and needles to their selection of Steepletone cleaning kits. Home HiFi Music Systems has the accessories you need to keep your record player operating smoothly. And ensure that your copy of Boogie Fever will play again and again for many years to come. You can choose from a wide array of stylus and needle combos as they come in a variety of sizes, 1-4. And fitments for many different models of record players. Get the right needle and record player cleaning kit for the job and you can be assured of smooth sounds every time you turn it on.

Recordable Media

Home HiFi Music Systems also stock a range of recordable media, which are compatible for our range of music systems; which allow you to record from vinyl, CD, cassette and radio to USB or CD. The Phillips CD RW will allow you to record hours of your favourite music. Each disc is available with 700MB or 80 minutes of recording time per disc and comes in a pack of 5. The SanDisk Cruzer allows you to record your favourite music to USB flash pen drive, with 16GB per memory stick, available in a pack of 3. Our music systems such as the Steepletone Chicago and Steepletone Capitol allow you to record music in a number of ways. So why not create your own music playlist to enjoy today.


Home HiFi Music Systems line of record player accessories doesn’t stop at cleaning kits, needles and stylus’, they offer some of the industry’s best wireless headphones and speaker systems, including the Steepletone T–012 2. 1 Multi-Media Active Subwoofer And Satellite Speakers. All of these fine products are made by Steepletone so you know they are made to last. Imagine listening to crisp, clear sound without the clutter of wires everywhere you look. That’s the possibilities brought about by today’s wireless speaker systems. Now, you can place your speakers virtually anywhere in your home and enjoy the sounds of your vintage vinyl record collection. When you need quality record players, you go to Home HiFi Music Systems and when you need quality record player accessories, Home HiFi Music Systems is there for you with the replacement needles and stylus’ and cleaning kits you need. Check out their full selection today!