The History Of Record Players

The history of old Record Players dates back to the late 1850’s when the first record player was a wax embossed cylinder. The cylinder played on a small spring-loaded motor with a cylinder fitted into a cradle. The motor was wound manually. This is was a late model of music boxes. The long cylinder resembled a megaphone.

Old Record Players
Old record players played 78 rpm records manually. Eventually, by the 1940’s, electrified record players replaced the “wind up” models. Some of the older manual models were built with large, floor-sized cabinets in outstanding woods like mahogany and oak.

Nostalgic Record Players
Nostalgic record players include those known as “gramophones”. These are widely recognized for the long diaphragm with an extended arm and a stylus head with needle attached. Among collectors, nostalgic record players like gramophones are prized for their antiquity.

1960s Record Players
1960s record players were mostly referred to as a “Hi Fi”. The accent of 1960s record players was high fidelity sound. These played 45 rpm records.

1970’s Record Players
1970’s record players were called “Stereos” and were equipped with dual speaker systems to enhance the sound stereophonically that played 33 and 45 rpm records.