Why do today’s vinyl enthusiasts prefer Steepletone products?

In the attics of thousands of people’s homes up and down the country are boxes and boxes of beautiful and timeless vinyl records. There are many people out there that really want to start playing them again, the age of the CD is waning, and more and more critics and listeners are rediscovering the brilliant sound of their records. In fact, some top ten hits are now being released online, as a CD, and as a record.

There are other people that would like to be able to listen to the sweet sounds of their old vinyl records during their daily lives. This is a bit difficult when you consider carting a record player around, but with modern technology, this dream is now actually becoming a reality. It is possible to listen to your favourite old records in the comfort of your car or on whilst on a run, in the office and while you are cooking in the kitchen because some Steepletone record players offer the ability for you to record your vinyl’s and make a digital copy of them.

In fact, some of the ingenious music systems that are within the Steepletone collection, such as the SMC386 CBT Compact Stand Alone 5 in 1 Music System have the incredible capacity and technology to not only record from vinyl to create MP3 tracks, but also from cassette! It once seemed like nothing could beat the cassette when it came to revolutionary ways of listening to music, but now Steepletone has gone one better. The different options are mind blowing: you can record from radio to CD, and CD to CD on many of these exciting Steepletone Music Systems. The Memphis 2 5 in 1 Music Centre in the particular comes with a DAB radio as well, so you will never miss out on your favourite music.

So if you have held back from expanding your amazing record collection because you have been worried that you will never get around to actually listening to them, now is the time to really invest in your collection. There are some brilliant websites out there that offer you the chance to pick up some real bargains and some real gems. Some favourites are InSound (www.insound.com), Dust and Grooves (www.dustandgrooves.com), and Music Stack (www.musicstack.com). Obviously there are many more than you yourself can discover, because now you can purchase Steepletone products, every record in your music collection can live forever!