Steepletone Jukebox USB CD Rock Mini

If you are looking for that perfect gift for that special someone or even something to treat yourself! – then do not worry: the search is over. We have found one of cutest and most gorgeous jukeboxes that are around, and not only does it come with the Steepletone name to give you the reassurance that it is of the finest quality, but the design is so precious, it is almost difficult to imagine any other jukebox. The Steepletone Jukebox CD Rock Mini is only thirty seven cm high, which is just over a foot, which means that it is perfect to put on a table or on a side table ñ not taking up too much room, and portable so that you can move it to any room or outside arena that you want.

But the Steepletone Jukebox Rock Mini is not all charm and good looks. The technology that has been poured into this tiny little gadget is actually quite remarkable. There is a front loading CV player, and a radio that is inbuilt into it, allowing you a vast amount of choice with regards to what you decide to listen to. And if that isn’t enough, you can even plug your MP3 player, iPod, or iPhone into the USB port that you can find around the back. It is wonderful to have such a choice in such a compact machine.

As you listen to your favourite music, the Steepletone USB CD Rock Mini Jukebox will change colours all over! It is really incredibly stunning, and adds an extra dimension to this beautiful music player. If you want to mellow out a little bit, of course, there is the option to turn the colour changing off. The designers of this beautiful little thing have been really clever, and we can’t wait to get one!

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