Jukebox – Music through the Ages

Music creates a mesmerizing experience for us. And there are so many musical instruments to enhance the experience to new levels. Ever since man came to know and understand this incredible rhythmic ability, there have been so many inventions to deliver a never-ending experience to music lovers. Among the most crucial inventions that gave music a classic outlook is the Jukebox.

The word came from “Jook” an African-American term that meant to dance. And since then the word juke came into existence. It was considered to be a spot for dancing where a jukebox delivered beautiful beats. It was in the year 1927 that the first automated amplifier with multi-record selection was created. This phonograph machine instantly became famous for a number of reasons. The most reasonable ones are that people could save high expenses to hire orchestras for occasions because a jukebox could play your favourite music for just a cent. It was revolutionary.

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The high prices were, therefore, lowered because the large bands were too costly. Bars and clubs started using these boxes for unlimited music without hiring bands. Though bands are still hired, those who preferred saving extra costs bought these jukeboxes for their clubs. Even the customers loved this new machine because anybody could select their favourite song on the list, and the box played it without hesitation. Many reputed music artists started their careers because of the broadcasting facilities these jukeboxes provided to the audience. With these people were able to hear recorded tracks of artists that were far away. This popularized their music to new levels. Live concerts were not always approachable back then, and radio was also not that clear many times. But with the crisp music and clear vocals that got delivered everyone loved it.

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All the favourite genres were now readily available to the people with these Jukeboxes. It also increased sales for many artists as people started buying music records for their enjoyment. Back in those days when racism was one of the primary issues, Jukeboxes created an environment where the love for music was not judged on the basis of colour. There was no black, white or brown when the beautiful voices and music were heard through these boxes. This helped a lot for establishing careers for the black community as well. With time, there had been a lot of upgrades to the machine. Vibrant colours and catchy neon lights, etc. were added to the machine with beautiful transitions. This created the mood and the vibe to show your moves.