The art of vinyl

Having grown up playing Michael Jackson records and annoying my parents with my endless dancing and jumping around on the bed, I know that many like me love to relive their youth and blast the tracks of old across the living room. iPods and modern day speaker can be great, but nothing beats a good old fashioned Record Player. The finish on the vinyl, the artwork, the sound. The three things that made my youth magical. Music is more than just someone singing to a beat, it’s an art, and pieces of art should be displayed in the best frame possible, that’s exactly what a Record Player does, it’s something that can showcase the music that you love.

Here at Home HiFi Music Systems we sell only the best Jukeboxes and Record Players, we also work extremely hard to offer fantastic prices and great value for money with all our products. This is why we are one of the UK’s leading Jukebox and Record player supplier. Whether you are buying a present for someone’s birthday, or simply looking to treat yourself, we are on hand to help.

Some say the artwork is the best part of a record, we think different, we believe it’s the player, the thing that makes the beautiful sound, that lights up the room and makes people happy and want to stand up and dance on the table.