Musical Entertainment This Summer

Summer 2022 Music Entertainment

Whether you’re staying at home this summer or you just need some musical entertainment we have a range of devices for all budgets and tastes.

Party in full technicolour

steepletone cube connexWho needs the shores of Ibiza when you can party at home with the Steepletone Cube; these speakers feature multi-mode LED colour changing lights, with sound-to-light effects to get your party started and keep everyone dancing all night long! These Bluetooth speakers cubes are waterproof, so they’re ideal for pool parties or the occasional British summer shower!

Add unlimited cubes, stack them together or apart to stream your favourite tracks all night long, with a generous 35 metre range. You’ll love the effect as night comes and you can enjoy them in your garden or elsewhere at home.

Entertain your family

Whether it’s a rainy day or a summer party, you can keep all your family and friends entertained with our range of jukeboxes, we stock both mini and full size jukeboxes for all spaces. We recommend the Steepletone Jive Rock Sixty LXA a mini jukebox with modern capabilities, including Alexa voice control and Bluetooth playback. It’s retro design brings a classic retro feeling to your space, with colour changing light effects.

Listen to your favourite music via CD, radio, MP3 and Bluetooth playback. This fantastic tabletop jukebox is ideal for those with limited space such as flats and bungalows, or when you need some entertainment but space is tight at your BBQ party. And you can easily move this jukebox from one room to another to keep you, your family and friends entertained all night with the all singing all dancing jukebox.

Music on the go

Steepletone GrooveIf you’re travelling on holiday, or you want to just listen to music in the garden wherever you are this summer why not consider a portable musical device. We stock a range of radios and portable musical devices for all tastes. For example, the Steepletone Groove CD player has a retro classic look but includes built-in stereo speakers and Bluetooth playback. Why not use the track feature to shuffle your music or repeat your favourite tracks. This CD player comes with insert headphones for easy listening. And you can easily take this CD player on the go for travelling, or just relaxing in the garden or park this summer.

steepletone brighton duck egg blueFor garden lovers or picnic sun worshippers, why not consider the Steepletone Brighton radio. This stylish retro 1950’s style radio is easy to transport from room to room, with it’s carry handle so you can listen to music whilst gardening and sunbathing. Listen to your favourite radio stations, enhanced with built-in bass and treble which can be controlled using the rotary tone control. Available in a variety of beautiful colours, this battery-powered radio is ideal for summer.

Make your own playlist

Cassettes are now back in fashion, so why not spend all summer creating your own playlist to enjoy at home, at a picnic or at your own party. The Steepletone Britannia will enable you to record music in a variety of formats and play music in 9 different ways. Create music via cassette to cassette, vinyl to cassette, radio to cassette, CD to cassette and USB. Take advantage of the track separation technology when recording from CD, vinyl or cassette, with equalisation technology. The HiFi also features a 3-speed turntable with a flip-over stylus, auto-stop switch and a cool-blue LED backlight LCD display. Finally, you can stream music via Bluetooth playback.

Vinyl mad lovers

steepletone brixton whiteAnd if you can’t get enough of vinyl’s why not purchase our latest deck and pretend you’re at Ibiza Djing this summer or just enjoy your vinyl collection. The Steepletone Brixton is a premium turntable, with a unique red drive belt and tonearm weight, finished in black wooden veneer. Play music via Bluetooth or using the 3-speed turntable 33/45/78 rpm with Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge and stylus, which is fantastic value! Connect the deck to any HiFi unit with the Phono out sockets.

If you need any futher suggestions or ideas why not contact customer service, email ([email protected]) or call us (0843 523 5453) and we can recommend a product to suit you and your budget.