How Does Google Pay Work?

To use Google Pay download the Google Pay app on your phone and sign in to your Google account to add your payment method. At the checkout you can pay with Google Pay anywhere you see these logos. At checkout, click the Google Pay button. You can also sign in to your Google account to pay online for dekstop and tablet orders too.

Google Pay gives customers fast, hassle-free checkouts and, at the same time, peace of mind that Google stores their data with multiple layers of security. Google Pay does not send merchants their customers’ actual card numbers when they pay in shops; instead, Google Pay facilitates a process called tokenisation, in which a token stands in for a customer’s actual credit and debit card numbers. The tokenisation process means less sensitive customer information for merchants to have to store, reducing your exposure and worries about data breaches.

Google does not charge to use Google Pay as a payment method.

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