Steepletone Memphis 5-in1 Music Centre with MP3 Recording DAB Radio and Cassette

The Steepletone Memphis 2 5-in1 Music Centre with MP3 recording DAB radio and cassette looks small, but it definitely comes big in its features and functions. For those who are fans of music spanning the past decades, this audio equipment would be irresistible. It would be a pity if you’d just let your collection of vinyl records and cassette tapes to just collect dust wherever you’ve stored them, wouldn’t it? The Steepletone Memphis will let you play them again and even create MP3 copies of them right in the comforts of your home.

This 5-in-1 music system with MP3 recording function is equipped with a 3-speed turntable (33/45/78rpm) with auto-stop switch so you can spin those old vinyl records again. It also comes with a cassette player with a lockable fast-forward function. In addition, Steepletone throws in a DAB digital and analog FM stereo radio to extend your listening pleasure.

The application of the latest technology comes in the form of a USB port and SD/MMC card slot for MP3 or WMA playback. This lets you not just listen directly to your vinyl records through the turntable, but also allows you to record them into MP3s. You don’t need a PC or other gadget to do this type of recording. You can also record audio from its DAB radio, cassette player and CD functions. Its remote control function makes it even more convenient.

If you’re wishing to play those records and tapes once more and would like also to save MP3 files of them, check out this Steepletone Memphis model.