Steepletone Touch Rock 50 Retro Jukebox Style CD and DVD-Video Playback

Listening to your favourite songs, especially the cheesy ones, can touch you in ways you never deemed possible. It can touch an old, forgotten memory of days gone by. It can make you reminisce about a lost love, old friendships, or make you step back to the day when you met the love of your life. Indeed, that’s how potent music can be.

However, did you know that you could actually make your listening experience even more pleasurable? That is possible with the Steepletone Touch Rock MW 50 Retro Jukebox Style CD & DVD/Video Playback.

This versatile jukebox may be used as a CD player or you can connect it to your television set and use it as a DVD playback. Aside from that, it also comes with a built-in MW-FM radio. Hence, you can stay up-to-date with the latest songs of current artists that rule the airwaves.

The jukebox likewise features a card slot where you can insert an SD card and a USB port on standby for flash drives. Therefore, if you have any audio files in your SD card or flash drive, whether MP3 or MPEG4, you can easily play these using the Touch Rock 50 Retro Jukebox Style CD & DVD/Video Playback. Of course, you can also connect your iPod via the provided dock. You can also connect external speakers for better sound quality.

Another notable feature of the jukebox is its colour-changing SMD/LED lighting system that gives life and aesthetic appeal to the unit. That’s apart from the three circular lights that illuminate the jukebox’s front panel. For a dramatic effect, you may opt to choose a particular color scheme, use colour-to-colour fade effect, strobe and light effect, or simply dim the lights.

The unit comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the lighting conveniently. Nevertheless, other controls on the jukebox are touch-sensitive.