Steepletone Touch Rock 50 Retro Jukebox Style CD and DVD/Video Playback

Don’t you sometimes get nostalgic when listening to your favourite songs? It’s as if you are being transported back through time as soon as the opening notes of your favourite songs from years gone by start playing.

Well, you can make the experience even more surreal by listening to your favourite songs from the past via the Steepletone Touch Rock MW 50 Retro Jukebox Style CD & DVD/Video Playback. This standalone jukebox comes in a variety of colours and finishes. It has a display well illuminated by a colour-changing SMD/LED lighting system that lets you opt for a colour-to-colour fade effect or a particular colour scheme. Three circular lights illuminate the front panel of the jukebox, but the unit also features a dimming option and strobe and light effect; thus, you can adjust the way that the unit is lit.

Obviously, the Touch Rock 50 Retro Jukebox is very much pleasing to the eyes. Nevertheless, the awesome features don’t stop there. This versatile audio/video equipment features both a DVD and CD player with a 7” display. It comes with a remote control for easier adjustment of the lights. However, most of the unit’s controls are touch-sensitive.

Apart from these, you can also slide in an SD card into the allotted card slot or a flash drive into the USB port to play audio files in different formats, including MP3 and MPEG4. There’s a built-in MW-FM radio, so you can listen to some of the latest songs from your favourite artists.

This jukebox also comes equipped with an iPod dock and several jacks for headphones, aux-in, and audio/video output. You can even connect extension speakers for a more outstanding listening experience.