The Biggest Selling Albums of All Time

There are many people that despair of modern music. They listen to the radio, and almost every single song sounds exactly the same to them. There certainly do seem to be a lot of individual artists and bands that have very similar influences, and it can sometimes be confusing to listen to them. So it is very heartening to learn that some of the best-selling albums of all time were created by some of the world’s greatest musicians ever, and were first made many years ago.

The bands AC/DC and The Eagles are particularly impressive, with 25.9 million and 32.2 million copies of their best albums sold, respectively. AC/DC’s album Back in Black was taken as the direct influence of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, which itself sold many copies. The album that proved so popular by The Eagles was a compilation album of their greatest hits, released in 1976 and still selling.

Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon comes in as the second biggest selling album of all time. Bought over 45 million times, it has become an absolute classic for music lovers everywhere. They revolutionised the way that music was made, and the way that it was appreciated. But the biggest selling album of all time was made by the great man himself, Michael Jackson Thriller. After his untimely death in 2009 spawned a greater increase in the awareness of his music, and the album has, to date, sold almost 65 million copies.

These great artists all have one thing in common: they were writing music when jukeboxes in public places were much more common. It’s not a stretch to suggest that if we had more Jukeboxes around nowadays, we may start getting a better quality of music.