Different styles of music

Music is something that can just as easily unite as it can divide. People that are obsessed with the same style of music will always find something to talk about, and no matter what their other differences may be, they will usually be loyal because they have something intrinsically similar about their characters. On the other hand, some people find it difficult to get along with another person that has a diametrically opposite opinion to them about what sounds ‘good’.

This is especially true when you consider music genres that have a particular culture attached to them. For example, punk music can be listened to and enjoyed by anyone, even an eighty year old grandmother with her hair curlers in: but to really belong to the punk culture, there is a specific way that you will need to dress, have your hair, and even speak. This is when music totally overcomes a person’s personality, which is re-moulded to suit that style of music. This phenomenon was incredibly popular in the early and mid 1960’s, when mods and rockers began to clash on the streets. Rockers loved rock music and all that came with it, whereas mods leaned more towards styles of music such as soul and rhythm and blues.

What makes Jukebox music so enjoyable and so accessible to so many people is that it does not distinguish between musical styles. It does not matter what type of music you listen to at home, or in the car because when there is a jukebox, there is something for everyone. In a way that no other musical technology can, a jukebox will bring together those that previously believed that they had nothing in common. How has a jukebox brought together different styles of music in your life?

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