Record Players Becoming Collectibles

Ever since Thomas Edison patented the first phonograph in 1878, audiophiles have been trying to find better ways to reproduce music and many music fans don’t feel that CD’s have hit the mark. They want a “more natural sound” like they get from a vinyl record player which has led to many manufacturers to create a variety of Record Players that offer more than just vinyl playback.

Serious record collectors will listen to their music on almost any record player that offers good sound and exceptional playback and these can be had for around 100 pounds. Others, who want the crisp definition of more expensive equipment will spend well into the thousands for a record player that meets their needs.

There is causing a growing market for some of the well-made record players of the past. With brands like Thoren, TD and Garrard selling for thousands of pounds at auction, record collectors are turning their attention to collecting record players also. Some are even collecting antiques such as gramophones and Victrolas which are rare making them more expensive.

With that in mind, there is a growing market for record player advertising material, manuals, accessories and spare parts. At one time, much of this material and some of the analogue record players were being thrown away as the newer models arrived with more features and better playback. Now they are collectable in working condition or not and are becoming hot sellers at auctions across the UK.

If you have been collecting records and are a fan of the sound that record players offer, maybe you should take a look at some of the collectables available and see what you might find. There are still some good ones available and you might get them for a good deal before prices drive up even higher.