What is the soundtrack to your life?

When you drive along in your car, what sort of music do you put on – is it heavy loud stuff, or upbeat bouncy stuff? Many studies believe that our go to music when we are about to drive for a long time on a major journey is what we unconsciously consider to be the ‘soundtrack to your life’. This is the music that makes us feel really happy, that we really identify with, and that we would defend to the ground of someone who was rude enough to bad mouth it.

However, there is a completely different way of thinking about the soundtrack to your life. If your life was a film, then what kind of music would it have going on in the background? Many think that they would have something orchestral going on in the background, whereas others think about classic 1940s and 1950s music that typifies their lives.

Whatever music that you love, and you believe is the soundtrack to your life, you should be able to enjoy it through the best and most amazing speakers. That is why we have so many incredible Jukeboxes here on this website: because you should be able to play your incredible music through something timeless and elegant. For decades, jukeboxes have proved to be one of the most popular ways that people listened to the greatest music, and many brilliant musicians believe that, just like the record, you can sometimes only really appreciate music when it is played through a jukebox.

So: what is the soundtrack to your life? Would you pick your favourite album, or even make your own playlist of perfect songs? You should think about it carefully. After all, it is a unique and special soundtrack to your life!