Vinyl Record Sales Surging

Vinyl LPs have been growing in popularity with music fans buying over 10 million new recordings in the past year alone. According a year-end report from Nielsen’s, vinyl records now make up more than 6 percent of all physical album sales. With over nine years of continuous growth for vinyl sales, the format is trending in the opposite direction of compact discs which have seen a decrease in sales. Online downloads are also down causing the music industry to take a fresh look at vinyl.

Many popular recordings are being re-released and offering as special vinyl records that are either heavier than a standard vinyl record or offered as a limited edition picture disc which will include the album art printed right on the record. Purists like the standard vinyl record format while many new collectors are drawn to the special releases for their collectible value.

Are most of the new record sales that the industry is seeing the classic music that we think if when someone mentions vinyl records? Let’s take a look at the top vinyl albums sold last year and see:

Top 10 vinyl albums of 2014

  1. Jack White, “Lazaretto,” 86,700 units.
  2. Arctic Monkeys, “A.M.,” 58,700.
  3. Lana Del Rey, “Born to Die,” 42,100.
  4. The Beatles, “Abbey Road,” 38,200.
  5. Bob Marley & the Wailers, “Legend,” 37,800.
  6. Black Keys, “Turn Blue,” 34,200.
  7. The Beatles, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” 33,600.
  8. Lana Del Rey, “Ultraviolence,” 31,800.
  9. Miles Davis, “Kind of Blue,” 31,700.
  10. Amy Winehouse, “Back to Black,” 27,800.

As shown by the top 10 vinyl albums of 2014 in our list, the music spans many genres and offers a sound for everyone’s taste. What’s your favourite vinyl record and what was the last one you bought? Leave a comment below and let us know.