Steepletone CD Rock Zero 25 BT Retro Style Jukebox with CD Player & Bluetooth Playback

Do you love a stylish and retro vibe? Are you looking for a music player that can deliver high-quality audio for the best listening experience? Then, it must be the Steepletone CD Rock Zero 25 BT Retro Style Jukebox with CD Player & Bluetooth Playback that you are missing. Here is a Steepletone CD Rock Zero 25 BT review for you to read and know everything about this great piece of music device:
The CD Rock Zero 25 BT is made with real wood veneer cabinet that is trimmed with chrome effect and has a glossy black and dark cherry finish, taking you back into the past with its nostalgic look and feel. Measuring approximately 1010H x 288D x 539W mm, this floor-standing retro-style jukebox can surely fit any of your favourite spot in your home or studio.

Although it is classified as music player with vintage style aimed at those who love to listen to classical music, it has modern features that you will definitely enjoy when listening to the songs and modern renditions of popular young artists. Like other Steepletone record players, it is equipped with a single CD player that performs playback for CDs, CDRs, CDRWs and MPRs. To top this off, it also comes with convenient and innovative features, such as Repeat functions and changing LED tube lights with seven colour options and a release/hold switch.

To ensure convenient use, this jukebox has a rotary and push button controls that you will find behind its drop-down door; 230v via 15V/4A DC power adaptor; 4 extension speaker sockets and INT-EXT switch; and built-in 15w RMS stereo speakers with 2 x 2.5-inch tweeters.

With the Steepletone CD Classic Rock Zero, tuning in to your favourite radio stations is also very easy, as it features an MW-FM analogue radio with an antenna that has 88-108 MHz FM and 540-1600 KHz AM capabilities.

Steepletone is a reputable name in the field of making high-quality audio equipment and systems, especially portable record players, giving you peace of mind that you will be buying an excellent product from them. It seems like this company never ceases to amaze its market with a plethora of styles, features and colours that appeal to both young and old. And as for the CD Rock Zero 25, it typically comes with a warranty for your protection.

By reading Steepletone CD Rock Zero 25 BT reviews, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about buying such a product. If you are looking for more reviews and information on certain record players, just browse through the pages of our site.

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