What The Steepletone DECKSTER Has To Offer Music Lovers

If you are looking for a trusted and reputable brand that has had years of experience is supplying high-quality audio equipment, then take a look at Steepletone. Steepletone is a British brand that has had 35 years of experience in providing audio equipment that offers customers amazing sounds and features.
One such stereo from Steepletone is the DECKSTER. This record player is a stand-alone unit that has two built-in speakers on the side. The sound quality that you are able to get from the player is stereo, but it is amazing.
The DECKSTER is available in three colours, those being white, red and black. The white player is a sleek and modern colour that will suit contemporary and fresh homes. The black colour is standard and is perfect for any type of home as it is able to seamlessly fit in with any type of décor. If you want a real retro look then go for the red as this adds a great pop of colour.
The stereo record player features a hinged lid made from Perspex so you are able to view the turntable.  The turntable is a pro-deck that has 3 speeds, an auto stop switch and pitch control. The speed selector allows you to choose from 33/45 and 78 rpm. The pitch control speed adjustments are +/-4%.
There are a couple of unique features with this record player. The first thing that you will notice is that there is a blue LED strobe light, which adds a nice touch. The other thing is that this record player offers LP storage.
The stereo has a built in drop down drawer where you are able to store all of your LPs. This makes it a great unit for at home, but also if you are visiting friends. You can take your DECKSTER and your records with you easily.
The flip over stylus can be changed easily for any of the speeds and a 45rpm spindle adaptor is supplied.
There is a large rotatory dial on the front of the record player. This allows you to turn the stereo on and off, but is also where you can control the volume.
Overall, the DECKSTER is the perfect all in one record player for those that love to hear the sounds of records. The Steepletone DECKSTER will play all your LPs in crisp and high-quality stereo sound making your listening experience perfect.