Listen To All Your Music Formats With The Retro NORFOLK from Steepletone

If you are looking for quality audio products, then look no further then the range from Steepletone. Steepletone is a British company that has 35 years of experience in producing audio equipment that delivers amazing sound. They are a trusted and reputable company that offers customers a great experience.
The Steepletone NORFOLK is such a stereo that offers music lovers high-quality stereo sound through the built-in speakers that are situated on the front of the unit.
Overall, the look of the NORFOLK is beautiful. The veneer cabinet has a hinged lid and when closed looks neat. The NORFOLK is available in two striking colours that are sure to suit any home. The dark wood colour is more like a dark cherry and gives a classical look to the stereo. The light wood colour is more modern looking and is perfect for a sleek and stylish home.
The Steepletone NORFOLK stereo has a retro feel to it and offers a full size turntable with 33/45/78 rpm where you can play all of your favourite records. A great feature of this stereo is that you can play more than just records. Underneath the turntable platter, there is a hidden CD player. If you have plenty of MP3s then load them onto your USB or SD card and play them from the built-in slot. If this wasn’t enough, you can also listen to the radio from MW to FM frequencies as the unit features built-in antennas.
The tone arm on the NORFOLK is also unique as it is in the shape of a guitar. This is a fun and quirky touch that makes this stereo just a little different from others. There is also a turntable auto stop switch, a 45rpm spindle adaptor is supplied, there is MP3 encoding from CD, radio and phono to SD/MMC and USB, the controls are push-button and rotary, the control panel and dial plate are brass looking and the there are speaker grills.
The NORFOLK Steepletone stereo offers everything that you need and more. The unit is able to play a number of music formats, which makes it a complete stereo that is perfect for your home. The two colour options available means that it will suit any décor taste and still imprint a retro feel into the home. You can listen to your music on the speakers when entertaining friends or you can plug in your headphones into the 3.5 mm diameter jack.