Steepletone Vinyl Record Players

Vinyl record players are here to stay, with sales of vinyl records up by 27% last year. It’s therefore safe to say record players are experiencing a nostalgic resurgence. Modern record players however can not only play vinyl records, they can also record vinyl music to CD, cassette, USB, SD or MP3. Furthermore a number of music centres and record players these days, boast from 4-in-1 or even 7-in-1 music capabilities. And play music through Bluetooth, radio, USB, SD, cassette, vinyl or CD.

Home HiFi Music Systems

Here at Home HiFi Music Systems we sell a wide range of Steepletone record players and music centres, with a modern or nostalgic feel, which play vinyl and many more music formats. We definitely recommend the Steepletone Westminster music centre, which has a nostalgic look and feel. Boasting 7-in-1 music capabilities, means you can play and record your favourite music however you like, including recording from vinyl to USB.

The Roxy 4 also enables you to record music from your vinyl collection to USB or SD card. With a 60s vibe, this retro style record player is eye-catching, but also easily transportable, allowing you to play music wherever you are.

Finally if you’re looking for a modern vinyl player, with the ability to record music to digital easily, then the Steepletone Atlantic is for you. This 6-in-1 music centre, allows you to record with track separation, encoding and playback, from vinyl, cassette or CD to USB or SD/MMC.

So why not browse our range today?

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