Speakers For Every Occassion

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If you want to hear your favourite music in style, whatever the occasion, we can recommend a speaker for you. Whether it’s for a party, personal listening or just weekend entertainment, these versatile and stylish speakers are for you.

Great For Parties

If you’re looking for something extra special to give your party an edge, why not consider the Steepletone Cube Connex. The Steepletone Cube Connex boasts multi-mode colour LED changing lights and sound-to-light effect to get you in the party mood. In addition, this Bluetooth versatile speaker allows for unlimited cubes to be added or stacked to enhance the effects and to get your party started. Finally, they’re ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, due to their waterproof features.

Great For Personal Listening

The Steepletone Openwear is next-generation technology. So if you prefer an immersive music experience, these speakers are for you. Listen via Bluetooth to the radio or your favourite tracks hands-free, a totally new way of experiencing sound. And you can even use the built-in microphone to answer calls. You’ll never imagine a day without these again!

Ideal for Weekend Listening

Steepletone Freedom are perfect for listening to music at the weekend. If you enjoy listening to the radio or your favourite music throughout the house or in the garden, these speakers are for you. Via Bluetooth the Steepletone Freedom speakers allow you to listen within a range of 35 metres. Just link your four speakers up throughout the house and enjoy music wherever you are, without having to worry about taking the radio with you.

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