Making The Most Of Your Vinyl Collection

vinyl records

According to Nielson Music vinyl album sales increased for the thirteenth year in a row by 14% in 2018 with a massive 16.8 million sold last year.

Looking After Your Vinyl Collection

Looking after your Vinyl collection and getting the best out of your collection has never been more essential.

Keep It Clean

Vinyl records need to be cared for if they’re to last. Ensure every time you play your Vinyl record to give it a quick wipe down. It’s a common misconception that Vinyl’s skip because of scratches. However, giving them a quick sweep with a t-shirt or cloth will avoid Vinyl’s skipping.

Handle With Care

And ensure you handle all records with care, which means no eating or drinking near your collection, to avoid crumbs or grease damaging your collection. Hold all LPs at the edge and avoid fingerprints on your collection.

Storing it

Consistent exposure to static can cause records to develop a crackly sound which is irreversible. You can use antistatic inner sleeves and keep them stored in a case such as the Steepletone SRB 2 which allows you to store 12″ LP Vinyls.

Sound quality

Getting the best out of your Vinyl means investing in the right equipment, this means investing in quality. Cheap needles can be too heavy and push the dirt into the grooves of your LP. You can purchase new needles such as the Steepletone SSTY8 which fits all record players. Or invest in the Steepletone Camden 2 vinyl record player, with its exclusive turntable speed/pitch control, gives you the ability to customize your sound and has an anti-slip matt.

Finally, ensure you’re getting the most of your collection by investing in quality speakers. The Steepletone Freedom Bluetooth speakers are perfect for listening to music from up to 35 meters throughout the house, by linking up the set of 4 speakers to a Bluetooth vinyl player such as the Steepletone Camden 2.

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