Are Cassette Tapes Now The New Vinyl?


Cassette tapes are now seeing a resurgence in popularity, similar to vinyls, thanks to the latest Billie Eilish release. The award winning artist released her latest single When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? on a collectable lurid green and orange tape.

The cassette trend similar to the vinyl trend has resulted in music stores capitalising by introducing a day of celebration, October 12 marks national cassette store day. Cassette are becoming an appealing alternative to CDs, vinyls and music streaming. Unlike CDs and Vinyls tapes do not scratch. Cassettes also have an appealing physicality, unlike streaming music. The ability to personalise and record tapes for younger generations are now being discovered and enjoyed.

Music centres such as the Steepletone Capitol therefore are becoming popular options to minimise the number of bulky players in the home, taking up space which is now a limited commodity in smaller homes. Music centres such as the Steepletone Capitol allow users to play music in 6 different formats, plus record to cassettes from CD, Vinyl, USB and cassettes to cassettes.

Alternatively the retro 80S look of the latest radios such as the Steepletone SCR315s, allows for cassette playing and recording, with a built-in microphone for voice recording.

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