Best Vinyl Records Released During Covid-19

vinyl records

The popularity of vinyl records continues this year and for the first time in 34 years, vinyl record sales have surpassed CD sales. It’s clear to see that vinyl records are here to stay for the foreseeable with many artists now issuing vinyl records for fans who adore them; since they’re undeniably the coolest format in releasing music, with artists releasing them in creative shapes, sleeves and designs. Whilst there have been many special vinyl releases even during the pandemic, we look at the best vinyl releases during Covid-19:

Erykah Badu — Mama’s Gun (Vinyl Me, Please Reissue)

Vinyl Me, Please is back with another exclusive pressing with one of Badu’s classics. This edition of Mama’s Gun has been remastered and pressed on scarlet and gold vinyl with an exclusive art print.


Poppy- I Disagree

I Disagree released in January, is the third studio album from Poppy. The artwork of the vinyl jacket and label is a little freaky. And the translucent vinyl record features a red bloody splatter. Which is something definitely Covid themed, but you may want to wait until after the pandemic before showing this LP off.


The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness

This is The Weeknd’s number one album. The black splatter against the bright yellow vinyl makes this record stand out. The Weeknd only pressed a limited number of records and sold it exclusively on his website. Of course, it’s sold out now!


The Grateful Dead – The Story of the Grateful Dead

This colourful 8 LP set and jackets just pop full of life, which is ironic because it’s from a band named Grateful Dead. The set contains a pocket history of the band and costs a whopping $449!


With vinyl releases as lovely as these, it is no wonder that more and more people are buying vinyl records these days. Vinyl music players these days also have modern built-in features too, such as Bluetooth streaming and DAB digital radios. Here at Home HiFi Music Systems, we sell a range of stylish and retro music systems, which you can enjoy playing your favourite vinyl music on. We also stock a range of vinyl carry cases and cleaning kits too.

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