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mix tapes and vinyl

Sales for vinyl records were 22 times higher in 2020 than in 2007 and are likely to increase further in the future as they become more sustainable, by sourcing non pvc materials, which will appear to milleaneals especially. In addition, old vinyls are being turned into art instead of going to landfill. So what is it about the recent rise of vinyl and cassettes? Is it the ability to own something physical rather than stream music, maybe it’s the ability to create music from scratch with cassette mix tapes becoming even more popular; or is it the actual sound you get from a vinyl record that can’t be replicated electronically? Home HiFi Music Systems have a range of music systems and entertainment units that are perfect for creating and listing to your own summer playlist.

Create your own content

Steepletone CapitolYou can create your own content, such as mixed CDs or cassettes with our range of music systems. The Steepletone CAPITOL will provide hours of endless fun. Create your own playlists, with its twin CD and cassette deck. Or mix your retro formats, record from vinyl to cassette, CD and USB. The equalizer button will increase both low and high frequencies and you can also use the track separation technology when recording CD to CD.steepletone chicago black

The Steepletone Chicago has a pro-deck turntable with strobe illumination you can enjoy when listening to vinyl, with its twin stereo speakers providing fantastic high quality audio. Or why not record from vinyl to CD, cassette, USB, MP3 or SD. This 6-in-1 music centre allows you to listen to music in six different formats, using the one music centre too. You can also record music from; CD to CD and cassette to cassette, with twin decks and continuous play features and track separation technology. Or for a retro style playlist why not record from the radio to cassette.

Listen to music how you want, wherever you want

Steepletone Freedom PlayThis summer why not listen to music however you want and wherever you want. Stream your bespoke playlist via Bluetooth technology using the set of 4 Steepletone Freedom speakers, easily paired throughout the house. Available in brown and black, these are ideal for summer parties, entertainment or BBQs. Place them throughout the garden or house with a range of 35 metres you can bring your music wherever you want.

Steepletone Cube ConnexFor pool parties or just for something extra special this summer, why not stream your playlist using the Steepletone Cube, these cubes are fantastic for summer parties, with their light changing multi-mode LED colours, which change according to sound. These beautiful cubes can be stacked together to enhance their effects, ideal for; patios, gardens and pools, since they’re also waterproof which is ideal for summer pool parties or for the odd shower. Stream music via Bluetooth wirelessley for up to 3 hours and connect unlimited cubes.

Or if it’s a retro feel you’re after why not stream your playlist to one of our jukeboxes. Our range of modern jukeboxes can play CDs, vinyl or stream Bluetooth. We also have mini jukeboxes for those who are limited with space; or want to move their music player from room to room – ideal for summer. The Steepletone Jive Rock Sixty LXA, has the feel of retro jukebox but it’s compact and can also play music via CD, radio, MP3 and Bluetooth playback. With its built-in Amazon Alexa echo dot 2, so you can request a range of music all summer long. Or why not enjoy the 7 colour changing light effects whether it’s in your own bar or outdoors.

Other portable music players ideal for listening to music this summer include the Steepletone SRP1R-XP. This dansette style retro 60s record player can be easily moved from room to room, with its strong rubber carry handle for easy portability. Or you can remove the legs and use it as a table top player. Listen to all of your old and new reto vinyls including 33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm. Or enjoy streaming your own playlist with the Bluetooth playback function enhanced by built-in stereo speakers encased in a beautiful front grill vinyl cabinet. Or why not enjoy the MW/FM radio feature. Available in orange and blue this will bring some summer love to your home.

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