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steepletone brixton white

steepletone brixton blackWhether you’re livestreaming or gigging on the road or at home, we have a turntable to suit you. Whilst Vinyl’s been on the rise for years, there is a range of new turntables now available to suit both professional needs and vinyl lovers, such as the Steepletone Brixton.

This fantastic piece of kit features a Bluetooth transmitter and a high-quality premium turntable. The Steepletone Brixton includes a 3-speed turntable 33/45/78 rpm with Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge and Stylus. You can connect the high-quality record deck to any existing HiFi unit using the left and right Phono out sockets, with the built-in preamp.

steepletone brixton whiteWhilst the Steepletone Brixton not only sounds the part, but it also looks the part, which is ideal for professional DJs, influencers, livestreams or retro music lovers. This premium turntable has a beautifully hypnotic and unique red drive belt and tonearm weight, with sleek black modern veneer. It’s available with a white or black finish which will bring style to your livestream, gig or party. Why not spin two vinyl players next to each other for added effect?

The clear perspex lid will also keep dust away from this beautiful vinyl player and your precious vinyl collection.

The Steepletone Brixton can also be enjoyed at home and is a great talking point to any room. Enjoy listening to your vinyl collection at the weekends or as the evenings roll in on this stylish premium turntable, sure to turn heads.

Steepletone Freedom PlayFor an added effect to your party or just to enjoy listening to your favourite vinyls around the house, link the Steepletone Freedom Bluetooth wireless speakers to your turntable. With a set of four speakers and Bluetooth playback, you can synch these speakers with a range of 35 metres. Choose from a black or wood effect.

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Order the Steepletone Brixton online today and you’ll get free shipping and 1-year free warranty. For advice on buying professional Turntables please call us 7 days a week on 0843 523 5453, excluding weekends.



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