Vinyl Sales Are Still Growing Strong During Lockdown

Steepletone Atlantic PRO Modular 6 - in - 1 Music System 3-speed Turntable DAB+/PLL FM Radio Cassette & CD (Black Silver Front)

Vinyl sales are continuing to increase despite the current lockdown due to Covid-19. Which isn’t surprising as young and old have come to appreciate the beautiful sound quality of vinyl and are seeking a range of entertainment options to keep them busy during the lockdown.

Families up and down the country have started organising their music collection now they have free time on their hands. Which can include alphabetising, copying and organising music. Home HiFi Music Systems recommend a 7-in-1 music system such as the Steepletone Atlantic for all of your musical needs.

Steepletone Atlantic

The Steepletone Atlantic can play music in 7 different ways, such as vinyl, CD, cassette, USB, radio, SD card and MP3. Which will save users a significant amount of space since you won’t need a range of bulky players to play your music whatever format it’s on.

We all have a variety of music collected throughout the years such as cassettes, CDs and vinyls. The Steepletone Atlantic will help you to play or transfer music onto your preferred format. For example if you want to transfer your cassette collection over to CD or USB because your latest car no longer has a cassette player, now is the perfect time to do this using the Steepletone Atlantic music centre.

And now would be a great time dust off your old vinyl from the attic, so you can listen to them again in the car or on any device you prefer. The Steepletone Atlantic will also copy music from CD to CD, cassette to CD, CD to MP3, vinyl to USB and more. Why not view the video below and find out more about the amazing capabilities of this 7 in 1 music centre.

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